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Gartner predicts that the Smart Machine era will be the most disruptive in the history of IT.
That disruption will be led by smart distributed infrastructure called the IIoT - The Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT Platform for the aquaculture industry and its ecosystem

FiiZK shall contribute to the future growth of the aquaculture ecosystem and secure its profitability and sustainability.

FiiZK is to become a global leading IIoT-Platform for the aquaculture ecosystem.

live feed detection

FiiZK is based on DDS, a data driven architecture - the proven data connectivity standard for the IoT.

FiiZK enables and integrates data, making it possible to gain insight and to drive business decisions.

FiiZK is supporting most protocols

FiiZK is Industrial IoT, designed for scalability.

FiiZK can manage and control the systems that are generating data, replacing classical  SCADA/PLC systems.

FiiZK is integrating "single point" technologies, enabling the fish farmer to focus on decision support.

 Human Centric Decision Support Aquaculture